Gates open at 11am on Tuesday 13 December

Due to a major cleanup on Wednesday 13 December, the opening times will be changed as follows.
In addition, the temple office and shop will be closed at the following times on the day before, 12 December.
Thank you for your cooperation.

12 December (Tue.); the temple office and shop close at 4:15 p.m. (No change in closing time of temple)
13 December (Wed.); Open at 11:00 am


[Limited Number]Oct. 1st- Announcement of autumn special GOSHUIN distribution

We will start distributing autumn limited special GOSHUIN from October 1st (Sun.).
It is a double-page spread with a 1-page spread that depicts the golden Great Buddha of the past, colored by autumn leaves.
With a one-page spread attachment specification, the former golden Great Buddha and autumn leaves are drawn.
These are limited in number.

Fee: 600 yen



Restrictions on photography in the precincts of Kotoku-in

Please refrain from flying drones in the precincts of Kotoku-in. And we also ask you to refrain from using selfie sticks in the interior of the statue. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.